9 How Extraordinary Unique Queen Bed With Drawers Storage

Queen bed with drawers now will come to you with some extraordinary designs today. Grab them with some functional unique ideas and beautify your bedroom well. A bedroom design with a touch of traditional and contemporary adds distinct fascination with wood platform bed has a drawer on the side. The design of these beds may glance similar to the design of the bed before. Finishing on a bed of wood brings the beauty of nature into this bedroom. Drawer under the bed can be masked well, so it looks like a regular bed.

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So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really extraordinary unique queen bed with drawers storage. The bed is made of solid rubber-wood environmentally friendly in classic white color. This bed also has a country design element. You can see a fairly large drawer which is used as an extra bed. An ingenious idea when there are friends who stay in your home. You can follow this unique bed designs. A simple modular space and not too many accessories, as well as having a storage area which is very useful. A bed eclectic environment-friendly and is handmade furniture. Made from natural wood which may vary from one part to another because berbagia composed of wood species. Such design is suitable for those who are too lazy to open and close the drawer. Bedroom design that is perfect for a teenager because the bed only for one person. Drawer at the bottom can help your kids keep all her stuff, so his room neat and orderly.

Aside from the headboard designed sloping design, the storage space is one of the good features of this bed. Once again the black color is really attractive. Bedroom design is minimalist and modern. All looked neat and airy, there is only one comfortable chair. You can see the white drawers under the bed. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really extraordinary unique queen bed with drawers storage.